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No Mix® Basecoat by Transtar
  • 50 State Compliant formulation
  • No need for mechanical agitation
  • Improved color match
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cycle time
Transtar No MIX® Low VOC Basecoat is solvent-based and complies with the most stringent automotive refinish regulations in North America. Since our system is not water-based, there’s no need to buy new equipment, invest in additional waste removal systems or to expect longer cycle times… But, avoiding the hassle of a waterborne shop conversion is not the only benefit. Transtar No MI X® Low VOC Basecoat also saves time and money–its unique chemistry eliminates the need for a mixing bank and enables hiding in as little as two coats. With Transtar No MI X® Low VOC , just shake and pour and stay profitable with a compliant solvent-based system! For more information, please call 216-663-9653 or 1-800-447-9653

DuPont Imron® Waterborne Polyurethane Copolymer
coatings are based on unique technology establishing a new standard for total value among single-component waterborne products. Ease of use, 30-minute recoat time, a great look that lasts, VOC ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 lbs./gal. and zero HAPS are all obtainable with this exiting new family of products from DuPont Industrial Coatings - providers of Coatings Solutions That Work for over 75 years.

DuPont Imron® Waterborne Polyurethane Copolymer coatings include primers, satin-gloss DTM (Direct-to-Metal), high-gloss topcoats, a high-gloss clear topcoat and a flat clear topcoat...and may also be combined with other DuPont Industrial Coatings products such as DuPont Imron® polyurethane enamels and Corlar® epoxies where even higher performance is required.

CAR BRITE introduces the Black Pearl line

The Black Pearl line features five high-performance products formulated to meet the requirements of any surface condition or work environment - from high-end body shops to dealerships to detail shops to high-volume auto auctions. Black Pearl removes common imperfections - from light oxidation and minor blemishes to deep scratches - all with unprecedented efficiency. What once took three steps now takes two … what took two steps, now takes one.

From a sleek black sports car to a well-worn family mini-van, Black Pearl restores any painted surface to a gleaming, like-new appearance. Scientifically engineered to work on a molecular level, each product in the Black Pearl line generates superior spectacular reflection - depth of gloss that customers come in for, and come back for.

The Chrome-Like Finish. If the directions are followed closely, this paint product will simulate a bright finish that appears to be like chrome or polished stainless steel. Special care must be taken to allow proper curing times between operations and to follow other instructions. No special equipment is necessary.

We now feature a full line of ALSA specialty paint products such as:

Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating is a unique product that can create rich, soft feelings on almost any surface.

Ideal for any product that is intended to be touched; Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating transforms hard surfaces into new sensational textures.

Choose between the luxurious options of Velvet, Silk or Rubber to create extraordinary new products that feel as great as they look.


Ease of Application: Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating is simply sprayed on using traditional spray painting equipment.

Low Cost / High Margins: Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating adds a negligible amount to operating costs; yet products finished with this type of soft coating can demand significant sales price increases over identical products with hard surfaces.

Applicable to Almost Any Substrate: Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating is a very adaptable coating that can adhere to almost any surface.

Durability: Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating not only creates products that are soft to touch, it also improves the durability of the product surface. It is both scratch & mar resistant.

New 4500 Series Sparklescent Colors. Candied-pearl colors made with mini pearl and chameleon pearl flakes. Available in 9 awesome colors

Full Automobile Sized Stencils. Over 3 feet long! High quality reusable mylar stencil template for custom painting graphics. A time saver for the professional and easy to use for novices.

Sticky Mickey's Automotive Paint Masking. Draw it, Cut it, Paint it, Bam! Accept no substitutes or cheap imitations!

Economical to use, grabs dirt & dust, streak free. Highly absorbent, low lint, washable and reusable. Dries 8 times faster than cotton, strong-tear resistant.

Multiple Uses
Prep cleaning, Detailing, Glass cleaning, Exterior drying, Replaces shop towels/rags

5# Box (approximately 140 rags)

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