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William Wolf & Co. is pleased to announce that we now carry a complete line of prismatic color shifting paints from DuPont, PPG and BASF. These unique finishes provide a dramatic halographic effect-the color's appearance is affected by lighting conditions and viewing angles.

And, not only is this finish perfect for your favorite automobile, it can be used on anything, such as motorcycles, bicycles, skis, sporting equipment, guitars, helmets,interior surfaces in your home, apartment and business and much more. This paint is for anything where unique color appearance is important. Call us today to order color chips to help in your selection.

So, not only is there a great deal of variation in the colors that you see--THE COLORS ACTUALLY CHANGE AS YOU MOVE AROUND.!!! Just imagine the compliments you will receive when you show up (or off!) in you newly custom finished automobile! These paints are easy to apply and easy to repair in the event a touch-up is necessary.


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